Survarium 0.44 Patch Notes

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by Adi

Survarium is an online free to play first-person shooter with slight additional elements from other genres. The game recently got a huge update. Update 0.44 contains many changes and additions to the game. The makers of Survarium, Vostok Games have released an official video that showcases all the changes that came with the update.


The most important changes are as goes:

  • The game client has received an anti-cheat system. Hackers detected by the new system will be banned immediately. Other players will be notified about the ban.
  • Search for trophies after a match is no longer a thing. Instead of that, the developers thought of a new event called Treasure Hunt in which with higher quality rewards.
  • C-4 explosive is now available on equipment tier 8
  • Italian Beretta 93R, Czech CZ-75, and Russian MP-443 are the newest addition to tier 7 pistols.
  • Bots for newcomers. All newcomers will have to face AI Opponents before stepping into any type of competitive play. Bots will be available for all players, so anyone can practice their mechanics on them.


That is it for this update. These are only the highlights of the update, so be sure to look at all the changes on the game’s official website.


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