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The Surge Is Out Now On Steam

What do you want to happen on the first day of a new job you have gotten? You want it to go well, to get confidence that you can do the job, and maybe make some friends, right? What don’t you want to happen? Well, how about a catastrophic event knocking you out, destroying a chunk of the building you’re in and then when you wake up you find you’re in a giant exoskeleton and just about everything in the building wants to kill you. Does that¬†sound bad? Because that’s exactly what happens in The Surge, which is now available on Steam.

The Surge is an action RPG where you are a new employee at the mega corporation known as CREO. But as stated above, your first day doesn’t go as planned. You find yourself in a giant exoskeleton and your co-workers, along with a legion of robots, are you trying to kill you for some unknown reason. With mysteries abound you must march on and figure out just what the heck is going on here. Along the way, you’ll get to discover The Surge’s visceral and brutal fighting mechanics.

For you see, you can actually dismember your opponents, then take the components that you lobbed off, and use them to upgrade your exoskeleton. You can build yourself into the kind of fighter you want to be, and then upgrade yourself further to make sure your skills match the weapons.

The CREO complex is huge, and is filled with enemies, weapons, and of course, secrets. It’s up to you to survive long enough to get to the bottom (and top!) of this place to find the higher-ups and figure out the truth of everything that has happened here. Along the way, you can listen to recordings by other people in the building to learn even more about what happened.

If that sounds like a good time, check out the game via Steam.

Written by GlyphMasterson

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