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The Secret World Supporters Get A Head Start In Secret World Legends

Secret World Legends is the modern-day supernatural MMORPG that was once known as The Secret World. But, the game wasn’t doing well, so the developers decided to move to a f2p model and rename the game, while also making the combat better, introducing a player driven economy, and more. Those of you that have an active account in The Secret World and the players that signed up for the Secret World Legends beta will get a head start in Secret World Legends. This means that you get to play the game on June 23, 3 days before the official launch on June 26.

Secret World Legends

The game is a reboot of The Secret World, a rather interesting MMORPG with dark, supernatural elements that never managed to attract enough players for the game to survive. But, Secret World Legends aims to fix that, as it will be a free to play title. But that’s not the only change that was made, as there will be a new a player-driven economy, and the combat was vastly improved.

Secret World Legends

Weapons have been changed a bit, certain magic was worked on, and overall the depth of the combat will be increased. But if you want to see that for yourself, watch the video down below that showcases combat in Secret World Legends.

What do you think, will this be enough to bring back old and new players? Were the changes made enough to make Secret World Legends a success that The Secret World never managed to be? Stay tuned for more news about the game, the head start, and more!


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