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Support The Rise of Mooncrest on Kickstarter

The Rise of Mooncrest is a turn-based RPG developed by an indie game developer based in Texas called KnightMayor. KnightMayor is made up of a group of freelancers from around the world along with ex-BioWare designer Rick Burton. The game is heavily influenced by the Japanese series Langrisser.

Just like Langrisser, The Rise of Mooncrest consists of rich story-telling that tells you about the history of Mooncrest as you protect it and attempt to raise it to prominence. Mooncrest is the only city left after the invasion of the land known as Nocturne. Nocturne’s only trace is Mooncrest and it is on you to lead the last bastion remaining in order to defeat the force of an army which originate from a distant land. The army is assisted with mystical arcane powers, making them even more dangerous. Using your strategic thinking and the abilities that you acquire from your Commanders, you will fight against the vicious army in order to advance through the story.

The rise of Mooncrest

Currently, there are only 20 characters in the game but if the Kickstarter project reaches their goal more will be implemented. The maps that the game is using are very traditional to the TRPG genre. Their style is inspired by the medieval maps used throughout the 13th century. There are no real stretch goals as of yet but once the campaign reaches more and more money, the stretch goals will be revealed.

The Rise of Mooncrest

Helping out the project will give you some interesting rewards that you can see over at Kickstarter’s reward section. Each pledge reward is different and has advanced rewards than the previous one. The rewards that you get depend on the amount of money you pledged. If you got some spare money that you are willing to give out to the project, visit it on Kickstarter. In case you’re unsure if you want to support the game, there’s a playable demo to be downloaded freely.

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