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A new indie game has become a project on Kickstarter and it’s called A Matter of Time. The game is a pixelated RPG made by Haywire Game Studios in which players defend the world from dark forces with the aid of some methods and companions that you encounter in your journey.

The game starts off in 1187 with the famous Battle of Hattin, in which the Crusader Kingdom of Jerusalem and the Ayyubid forces are locked in conflict. The Ayyubid forces are slowly but surely winning the battle by simply outnumbering the crusaders. During the most heated hours of the war, a loud roar is heard that leaves both sides disoriented and almost deaf. Once the soldiers get their senses back, they see a fire-breathing dragon massacring everyone on the battlefield, which causes panic in each and every soldier making them run for their lives.

A Matter of Time

An Ayyubid soldier, James, is one of the thousands that are trying to escape their death. During his attempt to flee, he trips from all the people panicking and falls to the ground. As he looks up, he encounters a weird mystical figure that resembles a man wearing a strange coat. That same man offers James a hand to help and instructs him to grab him as hard as possible. He then pulls out a strange looking device with a red button on it which he presses, knocking James out unconscious and cryo-freezing him.

From that point on, James gets the task to save the world from inevitable destruction by a group of menaces called Dark Atomos, who manipulate dragons in order to dominate the world.

A Matter of Time

Currently, A Matter of Time has reached its goal of AU$ 600, but it still has a stretch goal that would allow for many cool features depending on what amount the goal reaches. Some of those features are a Multiplayer mode with arenas and servers, two different endings, a DLC, and more. If you like the sound of A Matter of Time, be sure to visit the Kickstarter project.

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