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Summoners War Reaches 80 Million Downloads

The mobile gaming market is both a very big thing, and a very complicated thing. On one hand, the market is so vast and diverse and populated because everyone seems to have a phone or tablet that they can play games on. However, because of this, there’s a lot of developers for mobile titles, which can lead to a watering down of the market. This makes it tough for good games to not only be made, but found by gamers. That is, unless you’re a title like Summoners War.

This trend-setting phenomenon game is something special, as not only does the action-RPG have the hearts of fans, it’s No.1 across many countries charts by downloads and revenue. And yet, that’s still not enough for Summoners War, as developer Com2us has revealed that the game has just crossed 80 million downloads worldwide.

Summoners War

That’s a staggering number to think about, especially when you consider the game was released in 2014. And yet the game is still very popular, including being in the Top 5 of mobile downloads in the US, 2nd in Canada, and the first in revenue in other countries in the month of June. So far, Summoners War has earned $890 million worldwide since its release.

So, to celebrate this epic milestone, Com2us is allowing players to earn special points that they’ll use to get  Mystical Scrolls, Crystals and Mana Stones in the game. However, you’ll only be able to do this from now until July 22nd. So be sure to get in on this special offer.

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