Summer of Steven 2016

Mustapha R. Price
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Anyone who loves the hit Cartoon Network show Steven Universe should be pleased. The frequently breaking series is finally going to have some serial episodes airing.

Steven and PeridotThe last “Stevenbomb” episode burst left us off with Peridot, the villainous Homeworld gem finally renouncing her ways and confronting the vicious Yellow Diamond. She insulted her in that signature Peridot way, and is now condemned to life on Earth with everyone’s favorite Crystal Gems.

This summer started off strong, with a series of episodes airing back in June. These episodes centered around the confrontation with the Cluster, an essence of impending doom created by Yellow Diamond to fuse and grow gems. The other episodes focused on Lapis Lazuli learning to cope with the raw experiences she’s had since being abandoned on Earth.

This next wave of episodes seems to be more to the tune of the show’s first season, focusing on building the wonderful world that is Beach City, and showing us just a little bit more about these characters that some of us have truly grown to love over the last few years.

The more recent episode revisited an issue relating to the gems and Steven and an earlier battle of theirs dating back to the first season.

If you haven’t been able to catch these episodes so far, I would definitely make sure that you’re watching them now. Truly a testament to what animated entertainment can be, Steven Universe is a good show for people of all ages.

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