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Summer Events Coming To ArcheAge

Looks like all MMORPG’s are getting some sort of Summer Events, which is awesome!

ArcheAge had a lot of hype behind it when it launched, but it calmed down over time. The game still gets regular updates, and the player base is pretty high too. Events like this only compliment that, so let us see what exactly is coming to ArcheAge with the summer.


The Blue Salt Festival is the first thing you’re probably going to do. Talking with Blue Salt Brotherhood member Jesse will start the quest and equip you with a teleporter that will transport you to the festival. Things to do are the same as last year so doing quests and collecting Blue Salt Festival Coins will be your main agenda. Building huge sand sculptures is also still there as well as hunting huge sea beasts! The festival coins can be traded for a plethora of different items.


The next event is focused on the sailing aspect of the game. Special Castaway Treasure Chest are the main focus of this event. To start the quest you just need to activate your extra Divine Clock icon in the lower left-hand corner of your screen. Your mission then is to get 1,000 Commerce proficiency, so start sailing and get those chests!

The last thing is a new series of mysterious daily quests, which revolve around the ancient Daru relic. Crafting some new and spicy potions is also a part of this event, so prepare your alchemy table and start brewing!

Full details on the events can be found here!

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