Sudden Strike 4 Reveals New Faction Videos

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Sudden Strike 4 is the latest entry in the praised RTS series set in World War II. The game lets you command armies and squads in key battles during the Second World War. What’s more, the newest game takes the gameplay to all new levels by not only giving you more to use in battle, but allowing you to be a legendary commander with has special abilities on the battlefield. But also, with three different factions to use, you have more options on how to play the game, and the team behind the game want you to know that.

Three videos have been released that show off the three factions you can take control of: The Soviets, the US, and the Germans. Each of them have different campaigns, different soldiers and weapons to use, and different ways that you can achieve victory. Whichever one you choose, you’ll want to use their particular set of skills to the fullest.

For those who love a singleplayer campaign, Sudden Strike 4 has you covered with 20 missions that’ll test your strategy and skill. And as stated above, the game has different missions for all the different factions themselves. So pick your side, and see what they have to offer you, and see if you can achieve victory with them.

But Sudden Strike 4 goes beyond simple singleplayer bouts, instead, the game lets you test your mettle against others in a deep multiplayer mode. Do you think you can outwit and outplay other generals? You’re about to find out.

And for those who desire more challenges, the Skirmish Mode is for you, the mode gives you goals you have to achieve, think you can do them?

Sudden Strike 4 releases today on Steam. If you want WWII RTS action, this is the game for you.

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