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Could There Be A Successor To Pokémon Snap?

There are times when you just don’t know when a game is going to be a hit, even if it’s just a cult classic hit. Some video games have such a loyal following that you can’t believe it. Often times it’s a title that has a unique story, or a particularly fun twist on gameplay, something that makes it special, yet may not be appreciated by everyone. This is the case with Pokémon Snap. This game took Pokémon to a whole new style, and all who played it loved it. But we never got anything after that.

The game did a lot of things different. First of all, though you were “capturing” Pokémon, it was as a photographer named Todd. A character that was actually in the anime and was a photographer himself. He’s tasked by Professor Oak to get pictures of all the Pokémon roaming around an island. But in a twist, the game was partly an “on rails shooter”, because you only had so much time to get certain shoots before the cart you were on moved you out of range.

The game was one of the favorites among the N64 crowd, and for decades players have been begging Nintendo for a sequel or even a spiritual successor. And to this day, there are those on Reddit who want to see a pure or spiritual successor to Pokémon Snap. In fact, many felt that the Wii U would be a perfect place for the sequel/successor to come, but it never did.

But then, in Pokémon X&Y, we got a Pokémon Snap style mini-game, but it just wasn’t the same. With the Switch doing incredible in sales, and its games selling well, many hope that we’ll get the chance to do a Pokémon Snap style game once again. And if we’re being honest, the Switch would be a perfect place for it.

Written by GlyphMasterson

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