Streets of Rogue

Steam is home to a host of new titles that come out basically every week, some of them pushing the boundaries of what it means to be “tied to one genre”. That definitely speaks to the recently released Streets of Rogue.

The game is anything but ordinary in its style. It’s a top-down brawler, but also an RPG, a Rogue-like interlaced with action, stealth, shooter elements, and co-op. All of which is put into a procedurally generated world that is full of missions and objects for you to complete. Again, not ordinary in its style.

In a fully generated city, you’ll have to advance through the game by doing missions, but how you do them is up to you. If you want to go in guns blazing or prefer a more laid-back approach, the option is yours.

Streets of Rogue has launched on Steam Early Access and the man behind the game has already gotten some key feedback on how to improve it further. Even he was surprised not only by the positive responses to the game but just how many people offered feedback to improve it.

Because he is one person, he admits that he won’t be able to fix everything at present, but he will get to it.

Some changes he has already made include UI fixes (adjusting text so that it fits better on screens or actually showed up where it was supposed to), gameplay instances (such as fixing elements of the tutorial where players could literally break the game by doing certain things), resolution issues, and characters status.

The dev also asks that players continue sending in feedback as Streets of Rogue won’t get better without it.


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