Patches and updates are vital to video games in this modern age of gaming. Not only are things likely to go wrong with the grandness that games are nowadays, but developers have the opportunity to fix the mistakes they missed or didn’t expect. For the team at Stellaris, their newest update is a very important one, because not only does it add and fix features that will improve the “quality of life” for the game, but it also marks the one-year anniversary of their title being on Steam.

In case you don’t know, Stellaris is a sci-fi space exploration and strategy game made by the people Paradox Development Studio, who are the ones behind the Europa Universalis series. Their goal was to make a game where exploration mattered not only to gameplay, but to the narrative. As such, the more you explore, the more races and advances you’ll be able to find and get. Plus, you’re able to explore the vastness of space and find other things, as well as design your own ship.

The team admits that Update 1.6 covers a lot of ground, because in their desire to update the game over the past year they’ve made some unexpected mistakes and errors. They hope that this update fixes many, if not all, of them so that you can enjoy Stellaris fully without worrying about bugs and glitches.


Here are some of the highlights for the patch. First, there will be new features added to the game. For those of the Hive Minds, you’ll get the Devouring Swarm Civic. Also, for those who have wondered if certain megastructures you’ve found in the galaxy could be repaired, you can now do that! You can also repair ruined Ringworlds via the Mega-Engineering technology. Ever wanted to terraform a planet? Well, if you’ve got the right technology, this new update will let you do just that.

That’s just the tip of the iceberg for this patch. As a lot of the bugs and changes affect both major and minor systems in the game. Be sure to check out the full list to see how much Stellaris has changed.


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