Stellar Overlord Is An Voxel Open-World FPS That Makes You Fight Robots

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by Dante

The voxel games hype died out a bit, but Stellar Overload is here to bring it back stronger than ever!


Stellar Overlord is first and foremost, an adventure game that allows you to shape the world however you please. Actually, you get to play with more than one planet!


Each planet you visit is different than the other, as they all have their own specific resources that you will exploit. Exploring these planets will give you access to new, exciting technologies, so there’s definitely merit to exploring everything. The game starts you off on a small green planet called Merx.


The story will take you on an adventure where you have to take out the Imperium Machina. Customize your character along the way, encounter enemies of different levels and speak to inhabitants for fun( but also because they could know something related to the quests you will be doing).



As you go through the game and the main quest, you’ll explore the world and the dungeons, unlocking more recipes each time, which will allow you to make tools, weapons, armor and so on. You have five weapons to choose from; the pistol, the rifle, the sonic carbine, grenades and the Block-Thrower.


Stellar Overlord definitely looks fun and interesting, especially if you got bored of Minecraft. Give it a spin if you’re into open-world voxel first person shooters!

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