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STEINS;GATE: The Game About Time Travel Shenanigans

STEINS;GATE already made a name for itself with its amazing visual novel and it’s anime adaptation. Now we get to play the game.


Let’s quickly explain the story here. STEINS;GATE will show you how a group of weird but brilliant young students managed to alter past using mail and a modified microwave. Yes, quite an interesting premise for a game, and it just gets better as you play it. They push the boundaries of their experiments too far, as everything starts escalating much faster than they expected, and soon they become intertwined with a conspiracy about SERN, the organisation that made the Large Hadron Collider. There’s also a guy named John Titor that claims to be from a dystopian future.


The main mechanic in the game is the  “phone trigger” system. It works like this; The player will receive calls and text messages and then, depending whether you reply to them or not, you will change the outcome of the plot.


The features of the game include:

  • Non-Linear Visual Novel – Discover multiple different endings depending on your choices in-game.
  • HD 1080P – Enjoy the game with HD graphics and illustrations.
  • Phone Trigger System – Interact via Rintaro’s cell phone to answer or ignore calls, and send and receive emails. Your everyday choices in life steer the story!
  • 30-50 hours of reading time

Definitely check this game out if you’re a fan of visual novels and quality storylines about time travelling!

Written by Dante

Dante is a student, a writer, a gamer and a constructor of cleverly crafted words. His number one goal is to be the best version of himself, and he believes that writing about the games and sending his word to the world will help him achieve just that. He loves playing games like LoL, Hearthstone, Path of Exile, and DotA 2 when he has the time.

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