Steep Beta Registration Now Available

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Whether you’re using skis, wingsuits, snowboards or paragliders, fun is guaranteed with Steep. Visit the Alps and Alaska as Steep enters its beta!


We don’t see a lot of games that have snowboards, wingsuits, skis, and paragliders available all together with a massive open world, but Steep does have all of that. Watch the announcement trailer below and see what’s it all about!

The enormous open world of the Alps and Alaska is going to be a fun place to explore, as the masses of snow never fade and the fun never stops. Doesn’t matter if you want to be a stylish snowboarder or a daring wingsuit user, the game aims to deliver as much enjoyment as you can possibly get. You can also play with other players, so organize a ski race and see who can descend from the mountains first. But, if you’re more of a solo player, you can also play the game as a lonesome ranger, patrolling the skies with your paraglider, or just enjoying the view. Your craziest stunts can and should be recorded and shared, to see who has the best tricks!


Steep comes out in Decembre, so prepare some warm clothes and some hot chocolate and conquer mountains!

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