Anime is a very special kind of animation. Known for high action high fantasy, high sci-fi, and sometimes very deep and personal stories, it’s made its way from its origins in Japan to the US and beyond. Not surprisingly, there have been many video games that give players the chance to play in their favorite video games, or, play in anime like experiences. For this weekend only, Steam is offering you discounts on their vast lineup of anime games and anime-likeĀ games.

For example, games that fall into the category of “Anime-like” (meaning they aren’t technically animes but they do resemble them) including Legend of Korra, RWBY: Grimm Eclipse, Furi, and more. Then, there are games like Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2, Street Fighter V (which has had its own animes), Neptunia titles, and more.

There are even a few Tales games like Tales of Berseria, and Tales of Zesteria for you to enjoy. If you recall, Tales of Berseria only came out recently, so for it to be on sale right now is one heck of a deal.


Add to that games like God Eater 2: Rage Mode, Valkyria Chronicles, Tempest of the Gods, Trigger Happy Havoc, VA-11 Hall-A, Nekopara Vol.2, First Assault, Maple Story, Digimon Masters, and you’ve got a lineup of anime and anime-like titles that can easily get you through your weekend and very far beyond it.

Plus, Steam isn’t just offering anime games on sale, they’re offering anime shows too. Shows like Sailor Moon Crystal, Naruto, Ghost in the Shell and more are highlighted in their show/movie sale.

So if you’re an anime fan, and you need to get your fix, you’ll definitely want to check out Steam this weekend and see what deals you can find.


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