Play As A State Landlord That Spies On His Tenants In Beholder

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by Dante

What would a game in which you play a landlord that spies on his tenants look like? Well, it would probably look like Beholder.


The game is now available for purchase on Steam for PC, MAC, and Linux. So, what’s the game all about? It’s about a man named Carl, who’s a state-installed Landlord that’s ordered by a totalitarian State to watch his tenants, or to be more precise, to spy on them! Eavesdropping, placing wiretaps and cameras, and searching apartments is what you’ll be doing in order to reveal any secret plots against the State.

Your duty as the landlord of your apartment house is to monitor every new tenant that moves in, but you’re also trying to make the property attractive to its tenants, so don’t forget that. You will come off as friendly and helpful, but what they don’t know is what your true motives are.


Watch closely and report any illegal activities to the authorities!


An interesting, harsh setting for a game, Beholder is definitely exploring a bleak dystopian future, but it’s doing it in a way that will test your moral compass immensely. Beholder is something else, one of those games that break your typical genres, and it’s definitely worth checking out!


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