Revelation Online

Revelation Online has just gotten some major content added to it. The MMORPG has just released the Stardust Update, which will bring two major areas full of content to the game. The first new area is called Starshatter Island, and the other is Faerie’s Funland. These are two entirely different areas, with entirely different purposes, with the exception that both will make Revelation Online an even larger world to explore

For those who didn’t see the original announcements, Shatterstar Island is a place of great value. In fact, it has a resource that virtually everyone on Nuanor will want, and so they’ll converge on the island to try and claim it for themselves. This will start Guild-vs-Guild wars, battles that’ll be so massive that they can have up to 400 people on the screen at one time, as two Guilds battle it out for supremacy as well as resources. Plus, there are different kinds of battles, including the ability to have Grudge Matches against certain Guilds.

Now, unlike certain other matches, the Shatterstar Island battles won’t be Deathmatch style. In fact, they’ll be about protecting certain waypoints from other players and monsters that pop up. But still, you can kill other players, it’s just not the important part of the mission.

As for Faerie’s Funland, it’s quite literally the opposite of what Shatterstar Island offers, as this addition brings an amusement park to the game. That’s right, Revelation Online is getting an amusement park. This park has plenty of mini-games to play, and it’s own version of quests that offer exclusive items. Plus, it’s the perfect place to go after a long week of questing. Even your character has to relax sometimes, right?

These two updates are available now in the game. If you play them, let us know what you think of them!


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