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Does Star Wars: The Old Republic Have A Healer Problem In PvP?

For a while now, players of Star Wars: The Old Republic have been noting that the game has a serious issue with PvP play, mainly in how many classes are unbalanced and make the gameplay unfair. This appears to not be changing, as some people on Reddit are noting that Healer classes, of all things, are beginning to swarm PvP segments, and this is causing a serious problem, as they’re overloading matches and making them impossible to both enjoy, and win if not on their side.

Redditor Busty-Merc is the one to mention this, noting a recent experience where multiple matches they played in had no fewer than 5 healers. What’s more, they also played matches where there could be as much as nine healers between both teams. Now, if you’re wondering how this could be a problem, think about it in terms of actual combat. If you have a lot of healers…how can someone die? They can’t, or at least, not very easily, and there lies the problem.


What’s more, people are apparently using the “more healers” strategy within Guilds, Busty-Merc had one match where there was one tank character (which is already hard to kill) and three healers all from one Guild, which made them nearly impossible to defeat. Or, in the case of the one match with nine healers between the two sides, there was no chance of victory on either side, so what’s the point?

What perplexes Busty-Merc the most is that there is no logical reason for there to be this many healers, and this problem goes back months apparently. What’s the reason? Well, other Redditors weighed in, noting that they had similar¬†issues. A common thought though was that this was a server issue, and with the upcoming merging of servers, this could deteriorate.

But will this make PvP in Star Wars: The Old Republic better? Only time will tell.


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