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Star Wars: The Old Republic Update 5.3 To Make Class Changes

Updates are common for MMORPGs, and through them, the game can be fixed, adjusted, have things added to and removed from it. However, just because changes are done, doesn’t mean they are good. In fact, some of them can be bad. Or worse, they can be hated by the community. Star Wars: The Old Republic is getting ready for its next game update, 5.3. And with it comes some changes to classes and their abilities, and Bioware outlined them all. Needless to say, a lot of players aren’t happy with them.

The two classes that are getting adjustments are the Mercenary and Commando classes. The main jist of the changes is that both classes have had several of their abilities turned down so that they don’t as much damage in certain instances. According to Bioware, this was so that they could reach a “target DPS,” and now both classes have reached it. But, many Star Wars: The Old Republic players have noted that this is not right. One player naed Evolixe noted:

“You guys do realise these changes are out of touch with the reality of what’s going on in the game?”

Star Wars: The Old Republic

Many are confused as to why these changes happened at all. Some are even speculating that this was done because of gear in the game. And yet they also state that because of these changes, Melee attacks and classes will “reign supreme” in PvP modes because Bioware wants to “mix it up a bit.”

What’s worse for these players is that in their minds, Bioware is out of touch with what’s happening in the game, and they’re making these adjustments based on not what players want, but what they want as a team. Do you think that’s what’s happening here? Either way, let us know in the comments below.

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