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Star Wars Battlefront II Shows Off Starfighter Assault Mode

The battles are bigger and better than ever in the Star Wars universe via Star Wars Battlefront II. DICE, Criterion, and the newly made Motive Studios are working hard to deliver an experience that is unlike any other Star Wars game out there. And if the newest gameplay trailer is to be believed, they’re doing just that, and in spades. One of the key modes that will be in the game is Starfighter Assault, where you will take command of several ships from across Star Wars history in epic fights against enemy ships.

The first official trailer for the mode showed off many interesting things. Not the least of which is the absolute beauty of the game. All the footage was made with the in-game engine, which proves just how far DICE is going to make it super realistic. What’s more, we saw planets and areas from across the Star Wars saga, from classic planets like Endor and Kamino, to extended world planets like Ryloth (home of the Twi’lek’s and Rebels character Hera Syndulla).

As if that’s not enough, the Battlefront II trailer showed that legendary Star Wars characters would be in the mode as well, and possibly playable. Poe Dameron, Ashoka Tano, Darth Vader, Yoda, and Darth Maul were all voiced, mentioned, or shown here, and you know that certain other characters (like the Skywalkers) will no doubt be added as well.

The real question now is how far will the mode go gameplay wise? Yes, it’s clear we’re trying down enemy ships (a callback to the original Battlefront II, but is that all? Will there be something else awaiting us? Also, how many planets will be playable in this mode? There’s a lot of potential for battles across the Star Wars Galaxy.

Star Wars Battlefront II arrives November 17th.

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