The team behind Star Trek Online recently discussed a new system coming to the MMORPG, the Player Potential. This an addition dedicated to calculating the potential of a player to improve the fairness of competitive gaming.

System designer Matthew Campbell revealed the benefits of introducing the Player Potential feature, which is basically there to analyze a player’s equipment, spec and more. The current matchmaking system in Star Trek Online does not see such differences between players which can often result in some highly overpowered teams easily beating those with lower quality equipment and less suitable specializations.

It’s important to note that the system is intelligent enough to know if you don’t belong where you are currently ranked. Losing a lot, or winning a lot in quick succession will cause your Player Potential to drastically change…

This system does indeed seem like a necessary step, since other MMORPGs have implemented similar ways to ensure a more fair matchmaking experience a long time ago. He also adds that after the system gets implemented, those facing much stronger opponents will not be penalized as much for a loss, but will receive rewards if they win. Matthew Campbell also noted, “It should be known that this system will not be directly exposed to the player. We will continue to monitor it to assure it is as accurate as possible and providing the quality of life improvements we seek.”

You can join the official forum discussion to see what others think about this upcoming change, as for now, there are plenty of mixed responses.

Conversely, someone that doesn’t have access to Fleet gear, should never be put against someone that does.

We are curious to see how the Player Potential system will alter the shape of Star Trek Online, and we will most likely find out very soon. Let us know what you think about this new approach in the comments section below.




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