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Star Trek Online Reveals New Patch And Patch Notes

Any MMORPG has to be updated and tweaked so that any problems the game has can be fixed. And Star Trek Online is no exception. The game has just received a brand new update, and the development team has released a massive Patch Notes letting players know exactly what is happening.

First, there’s a brand new content episode titled “Smoke and Mirrors” (which you can find in the Featured Episode tab in your journal). In it, you’ll travel along with “Kuumarke to the planet of New Kentar and defend it from the Tzenkethi.” To be clear, this episode can be played by any Captain, however, you do need to be level 10 or higher.

Next, there is a duo of War Game Scenarios being added in the form of Core Assault and Binary Circuit. In Core Assault, you’ll actually face both the environment, yourselves, and other factions in this new earn rewards based on how well you do. In Binary Circuit, you’ll team up with your fellow Captains to race through and complete tasks in a Borg cube.

Star Trek Online

As a bonus, Star Trek Online is also implementing a reputation system based on how well you do in war games. By playing the war games above, one that’s coming later (that will apparently be based on Tribbles), as well as playing them on increased difficulty, you’ll be able to get Wargame Marks and Assessed Stratagems. These can be used to advance your reputation and get all new rewards.

Naturally, there have been a slew of bug fixes and adjustments from all over Star Trek Online, from space changes, to ship balances and more. There’s a rather large list just of all the powers that have been altered in the patch. Be sure to check out the full Patch Notes for everything that’s been updated.


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