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Star Trek Online: Featured Episode Replay

Star Trek Online is one of those MMORPGs that gained fame because of the universe it’s set in. That alone gave it enough following to keep it alive for quite some time, and it’s not a bad game either.

The storyline is one of its major upsides, so the developers built on that. From that, the Feature Episode concept came to life. Featured episodes were merely pieces of the existing storylines or completely new storylines that tied in with the main story, but they were really interesting, so the community loved them. These missions also gave unique rewards which gave players more incentive to complete them.


Since the episodes were really popular, the players wanted to replay them, but they also wanted the rewards that came in the end of that. Heeding their call Cryptic Studios announced the Featured Episode Replay. This was introduced in Season Three: Genesis and it allowed players to replay their favorite Episodes and still receive goodies for doing it.sto2


It was gone for some time but now it’s back! From June 30th at 10AM PDT until July 14th at 10AM PDT, 2016, you can go replay your favorite episodes and get shiny new unique rewards for doing so. The rewards are limited time and each of your characters can only have one of each.

A more in-depth explanation is available here!

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