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Star Trek Online Brings In Geordi La Forge And More!

Star Trek Online is a true testament to what a game can be for a loyal fanbase. The MMORPG allows you to be a captain of your own starship and interact with not just other captains, but other races within the Star Trek universe. You’ll see the different generations collide in fun and unique ways, and it has only gotten better with time. At the Leonard Nimoy Theater, some new announcements were made for the game which are going to make a lot of people happy.

First off, Geordi La Forge, the legendary engineer from The Next Generation is coming to the game, and even better, he’ll be voiced by the original actor LeVar Burton. He won’t be an Engineer per se though, in the upcoming episode “Beyond The Nexus” you’ll see him as a Captain who you help as a galaxy class starship gets controlled by an evil being.

Plus, you’ll see him again later in the year during the “Melting Pot” episode, which will see you bring peace to a new world that’s home to the¬†Lukari and the Kentari, who are trying to make peace with one another.

As if that wasn’t enough, the interior of The Next Generation Enterprise has been completely remodeled for Star Trek Online, so your ship will look like it! Be sure to get some tea, Earl Grey, hot.

Then, in 2018, something even bigger is coming. If you watched the trailer above you’ll see the legendary space station DS9, and it’s about to come under attack by some rather big forces. Fans of the show can probably guess who those ships belong to.

Either way, if you’re a fan of TNG or DS9, you’ll find that Star Trek Online is going to make you very happy, and the announcements are no doubt going to keep coming.

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