Square Enix Apologizes For Housing Issues In Final Fantasy XIV

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Final Fantasy XIV has been doing very well recently, and their recent expansion of Stormblood has indeed not only brought new people to the game, but has kept the veterans enjoying their time in it. What’s more, new patches and updates are keeping the content very fresh and exciting. For example, a recent update gave players the ability to create a home for their characters in a new residential area called Shirogane. But, the response to this was a bit overwhelming.

You see, Square Enix figured that players would want to do this, but what they didn’t anticipate was the overwhelming numbers of players trying to either buy a house in Shirogane or relocate a current house to that area. Thus, there wasn’t enough space to go around. What’s more, people were so excited about that update that the servers basically crashed because players were trying to rush into the servers right after the update was released.


So, Final Fantasy XIV¬†Producer and Director Naoki Yoshida took to the official forums to apologize for the issues these problems have caused. They did not intend for this to happen and are continuing to work on this issue so it can be truly fixed. Now, a hotfix has been dispatched to fix part of the issue, mainly the housing function not working because of player overload, but he admits that won’t fix everything.

The team is going to make sure that Patch 4.2 will be bolstered in terms of servers so that it can handle any and all stress the players throw at it.Speaking of the players the team is listening to all of your feedback on the issue, and will use it to make sure that Patch 4.2 is even better because of it.

He, and the Final Fantasy XIV team, thank you for your patience and understanding.

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