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Space MMO Starfighter INC Launches Kickstarter Campaign

Another massive video game project has launched on Kickstarter, this time in the form of a multiplayer space simulator entitled Starfighter INC. Defined as “Counter-Strike meets World of Warships in Space!”, the game is seeking to be funded within the next 30 days.

What separates Starfighter INC from other space games is that this isn’t your typical space title. You’re not the hero who’s trying to save space, or a civilization, or even your home. You’re just a new pilot in a universe filled with businesses and greed. As the team notes in the Kickstarter:

“Violence is inevitable, and for ambitious pilots with flexible ethics there are always opportunities to cash in.”

Also unique is that you will have to face the punishment of permadeath if you die, which is how the game likens to a title like Counter-Strike. As for the World of Warships comparison, Starfighter INC has a multitude of ships designed with perfection in mind, as well as the depth and detail each ship provides. There are ships that can be manned by one player, two players, and an entire crew, making this a truly unique experience. Plus, the real-time space battles are based on actual physics and space and estimated guesses on the parts that science hasn’t fully figured out yet.

Starfighter INC

The multiplayer is vast, and duels in space are all about skills, whereas the single player element is not only deep, but your results in missions will affect how the story goes. Also, the team behind the game have partnered with multiple VR companies to ensure that Starfighter INC gets the full Virtual Reality experience.

The game just launched on Kickstarter and is seeking $150,000. They’ve already received over $36,000, so if you’re interested in a new take on space combat, you might want to go check out this title.

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