South Korean Overwatch Team Wins Without Symmetra

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One of the beautiful things about a game like Overwatch is that there are so many characters to play as. Through this, you have many different ways to play the game. You can be a sniper, you can be a brawler, a healer, a hit-and-runner, whatever your playstyle is, more than likely there’s a character for you. But also, through this, you get to see which characters are a bit OP, or have certain ways to win without the use of skill.

One of these characters is Symmetra, who currently has the highest win percentage among all Overwatch characters. And players don’t necessarily like that. But that doesn’t mean that everyone uses her. As revealed on Reddit, a team of players from South Korea went 4-0 in a tournament in Poland. And they did it without using Symmetra. In fact, during their runs they used every single character other than Symmetra.

Symmetra Overwatch

This is hardly indicative of the power of Symmetra, as many Reddit users noted Team South Korea are very talented players with just about any characters. But, it is fascinating that they won without having to use the character that has the highest winning percentage in the game. Which may just mean that if you have the right team around you, you could potentially win every match you are in.

Funnily enough, a bunch of arguments went on on the Reddit thread as to whether Symmetra needed a buff in light of this. To which many bit back and said she’s fine the way she is, especially with how she plays defense. We’ll just have to wait and see how this goes.

Do you play as Symmetra? Do you think she’s fine the way she is? Let us know in the comments below.

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