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Sony PS4.5 Neo Release Date Leaked

At E3 this year Sony revealed that they had been working to put out a PlayStation 4.5. Little has been revealed about the console thus far, but it’s been speculated that it  runs much better than the normal PS4 and is in 4k definition.

However recently a web page leaked by Amazon Spain, has had rather revealing info on a multitude of things regarding the new console. The leaked page listing had the price, which was $399.99 and the release date; which was October 13th.

PS4.5The post was taken down soon after but to no avail, multiple people had already taken screenshots which also revealed that the system is scheduled to be released alongside the PSVR.

This isn’t the first time a console’s release has been revealed by third party companies like Amazon and Ebay and since it was taken down that’s only more reason to believe that this is a legitimate and accurate leak, but on the same token this should be taken with a grain of salt for many reasons. Of course, the most important being that when there are more available details on the PS4.5 they will be released officially by Sony. Which we should be expecting to hear about pretty soon


Written by Yasin Price

Yasin is a flash animator with 7 years of experience and a passionate gamer. He is knowledgeable in multiple genres of games and even ran his own business.

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