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Sonic Mania Already #1 Best Seller On Nintendo Switch

As sad as it may seem, video games are judged by two things, reviews (both fan and professional) and sales. And through these very narrow specifications, we determine if a game is “successful” or not. Thus, we search for ways to determine its success, via sales numbers, aggregate review scores, and more. But in the case of Sonic Mania, it’s already proven how much of a hit it is in another way, and on a very specific system, the Nintendo Switch.

How so? Well, despite it only coming out today, the game has already climbed to the #1 best seller on the Nintendo Switch platform. This was proven by Reddit user Briveltt, who posted the picture below of the game already being in the #1 spot, above recently released games like Overcooked (which fans have been loving) and Splatoon 2 (which fans have REALLY been loving).

Sonic Mania

Now, obviously, it’s hard to determine how much Sonic Mania has sold on Switch. And more than likely, the “Best Sellers” only apply to a certain time range, very likely during the week. However, that does prove that the game is popular enough to reach there within hours of release. And it’s hard to deny that for $19.99, even the most skeptical of fans would be willing to try it out.

No doubt these sales (on Switch and beyond) were helped in part by the wave of positive reviews for the title. Many have praised not only the games return to the old-school graphics (with HD improvements of course) but also the classic style of gameplay Sonic and friends were originally known for. Add that to special new modes, new levels, and twists on classic ones, and you’ve got a title that fans have been aching for quite some time.

Are you enjoying Sonic Mania? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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