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Some Fans Aren’t Happy With Teased Overwatch Skins

Yesterday, Blizzard did a slew of teases of what was coming in their upcoming anniversary event for their game Overwatch. It’s about to celebrate one year since release, and it’s clear that Blizzard wants to do something big. One of the things that was teased was new voice lines, another was new dance emotes, and a video showing off new arena maps was also done. But, the one that has many fans up in arms about is the new skins that appear to be coming.

Now, new skins are nothing new to Overwatch. In fact, you could say that they’re some of the fans most treasured items. But the skins that were teased (which you can see below), don’t seem to match (in players opinions) the style of skins that has been a staple in Overwatch since the beginning. This notion is heard a lot on, where user Salmonman notes his displeasure with these skins:

“I shudder to think of what the game would look like if everyone starts running around in “wacky” skins.”

It’s true that these skins do look a little different, but it’s unclear whether this is just a new style that Blizzard is going for with the Overwatch skins, or, as many are suggesting, someone new is making these.

Now, you’d think that this would just be one persons opinion, and yet, a lot of other people weighed in and noted that they didn’t like them either for one reason or another:

“I agree whole-heartedly these skins just look very…off, I’m very concerned,” noted TheBloodyFox.

This is a very interesting situation, one that will be curious to watch grow. Will players give these skins a chance in-game? Or will they shun them entirely? Only time will tell.

Written by GlyphMasterson

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