Sombra Finally Revealed For Overwatch at Blizzcon, New Maps and Modes Coming

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by Ham

It’s been a long time coming, but Blizzard have at long last unveiled the latest hero coming to Overwatch. Sombra “hacked” the Overwatch presentation on the Main Stage of the opening ceremony, which led to a cinematic revealing the character’s backstory.

Sombra will apparently be an offense character that will be able to use a Hack ability which will temporarily disable other players and health packs. She will also be able to use a cloak using Thermoptic camo, as well as a Translocator used to teleport to wherever she throws the beacon. Finally, her ultimate will be an EMP which disables enemy shields and surrounding areas.

That’s not all for Overwatch fans to feast on from Blizzcon 2016 in terms of announcements. A new Arcade mode was also announced, which will feature its own dedicated maps to accommodate both 1v1 and 3v3 gameplay. A new desert map was also revealed, entitled Oasis. Arcade mode and Sombra will be available as part of the Public Test Region for PC players as early as next week, and will eventually release on both PC and consoles at some point hopefully in the near future, with the Oasis map to come out sometime in December.

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