The Solus Project Officially Released

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After exactly 1073 days of development and 3 months in Steam Early Access, The Solus Project, a sci-fi exploration survival game by Sjoerd “Hourences” De Jong and Grip Games is now officially released.

The Solus Project - Logo

Earth has been obliterated, and humanity is nearing its end. You are part of humankind’s last hope to discover a new and inhabitable planet. The situation goes from bad to worse as your team’s ship gets wrecked on a mysterious planet. Everybody else died in the disaster, leaving only yourself to fend off any unknown obstacles headed your way. Will you be able to survive on this alien planet or will mankind as we know it end with your failure?

The Solus Project - VR

Virtual reality (VR) is the most popular advancement in the gaming industry right now. The Solus Project takes advantage of the rise of VR to offer players in possession of Vives or Oculus Rifts an immersive experience. The Solus Project supports VR in all aspects except for in-game tutorials, the inventory screen, and loading screens. For an exploration game, offering the potential of utilizing VR is definitely a plus for anyone that can take advantage of it.

Check out the various environments that players can expect to explore through in the official launch trailer by Grip Games:

Purchase The Solus Project on Steam for $19.99 to begin your journey in a new and mysterious world!

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