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SNES Classic Pre-Orders Sell Out In Seconds

When it comes to Nintendo, they have a very interesting way of doing things. Sometimes they do things perfectly, and make masterpieces as such. But other times, they boggle the minds of their fanbase with decisions that truly make no sense. Such was the case with the NES Classic Edition, a nostalgia fueled console that allowed people to play classic games without the need for cartridges or their old system. It sold great, but then was cut off from production. And it was very hard to find, which leads us to the SNES Classic.

The Super Nintendo Entertainment System is by and large one of the most popular consoles of all time. To this day it has one of the best lineups of games done, with numerous all-time greats on there. So when the SNES Classic was announced, it was obvious to many that it would sell out, and that includes pre-orders for the system. But that’s been a journey in and of itself. Wal-Mart claimed to have pre-orders earlier on, but had to cancel them.

SNES Classic Edition

And then, when pre-orders did go live the other day, it was anything but a straight shot to get them. As CNET notes, numerous stores and outlets had their pre-orders go out in seconds. But what ticked off many players is that they weren’t given notice about the pre-orders going live, even though they asked to be. And in some cases, the pre-orders went live very early in the morning.

In the case of Gamestop, they actually made you come physically to the store to get the order, which led to long lines and lots of frustration. Fans and critics agree that though the systems sold out, which is good for Nintendo, this was a hassle in every way.

And what’s worse, if the NES Classic is any indication, the SNES Classic won’t be available for long after launch. In fact, Nintendo themselves have said they only intend to produce the console until the end of the year.

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