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Smite Details New Updates And Fixes Via Patch

The MOBA Smite is about to get some big updates and fixes via a new patch. And the team wanted to make sure fans knew exactly what was being changed in the patch, so they took to Reddit to reveal the entire Patch Notes. The new patch brings not only the Summer Split pass and standard bug fixes, but also item changes, and of course, changes to the characters themselves. Here are some of the highlights of the patch.

First up, the Summer Split Pass Bundle is now available via the Season Ticket,. In it you’ll get a variety of items and bonuses, including Vampiric Scylla, Right to Vote on Season Games, Bonus Quests for FP, Double FP for Matches, 15 Team FP Boosters, and 15 Team Worshiper Boosters. Plus, if you get the “Bundle/w Points,” you’ll get 2500 Fantasy Points as well.

The Season Ticket rewards you can get include a Season Ticket Jump Stamp, Sol Announcer Pack, 2017 Season Ticket Music Theme, Roman Recall Skin, and a Mercury Modern Messenger.


Now, because the Summer Split is here, that means there will be a soft reset on the rankings and Leaderboards to account for the new season. But, if you were at the top of (or near the top of) the Leaderboards you’ll get a nice gem reward once patch 4.7 arrives. Also, the team is adjusting how players are divided up into tiers, as well as how much effort it takes to get into the higher tiers. So be ready for some battles as you try and get to the top.

Moving onto bug fixes, a series of audio effects are going to be replaced with the new patch, specifically for many relics in Smite. Also, many bugs that affected many of the gods are being fixed as well.

Be sure to check out the full Smite Patch Notes so you know exactly what’s coming in the new patch.

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