SMITE – Fafnir, Lord of Glittering Gold Revealed

Secure your gold because Fafnir, Lord of Glittering Gold has arrived in SMITE. Fafnir is a guardian, tasked with protecting his allies, while hindering enemies with crowd-controlling abilities. Lore: Fafnir...

Secure your gold because Fafnir, Lord of Glittering Gold has arrived in SMITE. Fafnir is a guardian, tasked with protecting his allies, while hindering enemies with crowd-controlling abilities.

Fafnir - Logo


Fafnir originated as a dwarf of Asgard, son to the dwarf king Hreidmar. One day, Odin, Loki, and Hœnir visited Hreidmar’s domain. As a gift, they offered the pelt of an otter that they had encountered on their journey. Hreidmar was enraged because the otter had previously belonged to his sons.

Odin and Hœnir were locked in a cell, while Loki was tasked to stuff the otter’s skin full with gold to free his companions. Loki, god of trickery, decided to fill the otter’s skin with the cursed gold of Andvari as an act of revenge. Hreidmar greedily accepted the gold in exchange for Odin and Hœnir’s freedom. Fafnir, overcame with greed and madness, killed his father, Hreidmar, to keep the gold for himself.

Fafnir deserted his kingdom to protect his new possession. The curse of the gold slowly dismantled his mind, and twisted his entire being. He transformed into a vile, poisonous dragon, the very symbol of greed. He guarded his gold for centuries, only awakening now to claim his spoils from the enraging battle between gods.

Passive: Endless Greed

Fafnir - Endless Greed

Endless Greed grants Fafnir bonus gold on kills and assists. This effect triggers when defeating both minions and monsters, in addition to enemy heroes. Fafnir also gains bonus protection based upon how much gold he’s holding, up to a maximum limit. Endless Greed is incredibly beneficial because it accelerates Fafnir’s gold gain, allowing him to purchase more items for either himself or his team.

1st Ability: Cursed Strength

Fafnir - Cursed Strength

Cursed Strength sends out a hammer in a straight line. The hammer damages all enemies in its path, but stops once it collides with an enemy hero. If an enemy hero is stricken by Cursed Strength, they are also stunned. Additionally, all enemy units within a small radius of the stricken enemy hero are slowed. Cursed Strength can be used to impair enemy heroes’ movements to either kill them or secure a safe retreat.

2nd Ability: Coerce

Fafnir - Coerce

Fafnir coerces an allied hero to increase their attack speed for a short duration. Activating Coerce also heals Fafnir, and grants him bonus magic damage whenever the coerced ally damages an enemy unit. Coerce may be self-casted to grant Fafnir all the benefits of the ability. Use Coerce in conjunction with Cursed Strength to allow an ally to deal massive amounts of damage to a stunned target. Coerce is also an excellent ability when attempting to destroy enemy structures.

3rd Ability: Underhanded Tactics

Fafnir - Underhanded Tactics

Fafnir leaps to a targeted location, and damages and disarms all enemies in a small arc in front of him. Underhanded Tactics’s cast time depends on the distance leaped. The longer the distance, the longer the cast time. Underhanded Tactics is Fafnir’s main tool of initiation. Follow Underhanded Tactics with Cursed Strength and Coerce to easily dispatch any overextending enemies. Keep in mind that Underhanded Tactics may also be used as a form of retreat if performed in the opposite direction of enemies.

Ultimate Ability: Draconic Corruption

Fafnir - Draconic Corruption

Fafnir becomes invulnerable as he transforms into a poisonous dragon, resetting all his ability cooldowns. After his transformation is complete, all nearby enemies are poisoned, and take damage-over-time. While in dragon form, Fafnir’s basic attack and abilities are improved. Fafnir’s auto is replaced with a dragon breath attack, which scorches enemies in front of him, and scales with magical power. Improvements to his other abilities are as follows:

Cursed Strength: Enemies within a small radius of the collision also take damage-over-time, and have their protection reduced.

Coerce: Affects multiple allies, compared to just one.

Underhanded Tactics: Range is greatly increased, damage changes to damage-over-time, and stuns the closest enemy hit.

Draconic Corruption remains active for a set duration, or can be prematurely canceled if desired. Draconic Corruption is deadly during a teamfight because its effects are largely AoE-based. Try to use all of Fafnir’s abilities in his dwarf form before using Draconic Corruption to take advantage of the cooldown reset. Use Cursed Strength last to slow enemies before unleashing Draconic Corruption to poison them. From there, aim to disrupt enemies with your crowd-control abilities while ensuring your teammates are safe.

Watch Fafnir’s God Reveal to learn about his lore and observe his skills within the game:


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