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Smite Coming To PS4 This Month

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Smite is leaving Beta form and arriving on PlayStation 4 May 31, the official PlayStation blog announced today.

Fans of Sony’s Console will now be able to experience what PC players have for many years, and what Xbox One owners have since mid-2015. Based on a mythology that draws inspiration from the likes of Grease, Egypt, and the Norse, this highly popularly MOBA lets players choose from a selection of weird and, sometimes, wacky Gods in what is known as the Battleground of the Gods.


Smite differs from many MOBAs by having a fixed camera set behind your chosen God, whereas many MOBA’s have the view situated far above the ongoing action. This game has been praised by its legions of fans for a diverse character roster, balanced and addictive gameplay, and emphasis on teamwork. In addition to its many characters, it also boasts a whole heap of game modes, including duel, siege, conquest, and much more.

The blog also reported on the fact that Smite has evolved a great deal over the years thanks to the numerous updates it receives on a bi-weekly basis. These tweaks, improvements, and new events will continue to arrive, helping make the experience feel as fresh as possible.

Over 20 million gamers have played Smite during its Beta tenure, will you be joining them this Tuesday?

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