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Should Smash Bros. Use The Power Glove As An Item?

The origin of Super Smash Bros. is anything but typical. It started out as a completely different fighting game. Then, the late Satoru Iwata noted that they should put the Nintendo characters in there instead. When the game was made, Nintendo thought it wouldn’t be successful, so they only released it in Japan at first. But when it shot to the tops of the charts, they knew they had to make it a worldwide title, and the rest is history.

Since then, Smash Bros. has become a true celebration of not just Nintendo, but gaming history. Characters and items from all over have been put into the game to show just how deep gaming lore goes. But one Reddit User believes they have left out one key aspect:

“Why is the Power Glove not an item in Super Smash Bros?”

The Power Glove was an item that was made for the Nintendo Entertainment System back in 1989. Nintendo didn’t make it, but it was officially licensed by them. The goal was to give a more in-depth playing experience by put the controller on your hand, and then letting your hand be the controller. However, the glove didn’t come packaged with any games, and the ones that were made specifically for the glove weren’t good.

But the Power Glove gained special popularity by its appearances in movies like “The Wizard” and other media where it became a legendary item despite it technically being a failure.

So, why doesn’t Nintendo put it in Smash Bros.? It could be a lot of reasons, but it could be a really great addition. Recall that R.O.B. was nothing more than a failed add-on to the NES too, and that became a playable character! So maybe the Power Glove could make an appearance when Smash Bros. comes to the Nintendo Switch.

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