Small Radios Big Televisions, 20% off on Steam

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by Adi

Small Radios Big Televisions is a new indie adventure developed by Fire Face Corporation and published by Adult Swim Games. The game was recently published and is currently at a 20% discount.

The game puts you in the role of an explorer in the middle of a deserted factory. As you keep exploring deeper into the deserted factory, you find some ordinary looking cassettes. Soon after that, players find out that these cassettes have some mysterious abilities. The tapes are made of infinite virtual worlds that the players can visit. Soon after mastering the art of teleporting through worlds, players will discover many different methods that they will have to learn in order to solve difficult puzzles as well as other challenges.


Some of the mentionable features are:

  • Collect: More than 30 different tapes with distorted versions to visit and delve into .
  • Music: A distinctive soundtrack that changes throughout all the tapes.
  • Explore: Search for key items within the tapes in order to continue your adventure.

If you are ready to experience a fun and goofy adventure Small Radios Big Televisions might be the game for you. The discount offer ends November 15th, so be sure to pick up the game on Steam before it expires!

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