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Skyforge Introduces The Newest Class: The Outlaw

Skyforge, the MMORPG where fantasy and science fiction merge, is coming along quite nicely, and it’s even getting a new class with the upcoming Ascension update. The Outlaw. A pretty badass name for a class, and it suits it. As you can probably tell, the Outlaw is the classically dressed dual wielding type, and it’s a ranged class.

If you’re one of those people that like to get their hands on things before others do, you should consider buying The Outlaw – Collector’s Edition, which will grant you instant access to the Outlaw class, meaning you can try out it as soon as you enter the game. We have more good news, as the collector’s edition will be on sale until the Ascension update launches, which makes it a really good deal for players already playing the game, or new ones that want to try the game out. Be careful if you’re looking to buy it later, as The Outlaw – Collector’s Edition only remains available for purchase a week after the release of Ascension, so buy it while you can!


The collector’s edition will also include the following things:
• A uniquely colored Outlaw Costume
• 10 Days of Premium Account Status
• 7,500 Argents
• 100,000 Credits


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