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Skyforge on the Lookout for Elder Guardians

Skyforge announced recently that the number of Elder Guardians that are in Skyforge at this moment is not quite enough and that more players need to fill the role. The volunteer role is very important for the entire community and the team notes that there needs to be more of Elder Guardians to effectively represent the game’s community.

These players are basically the connection the community and the team at Elder Guardians usually have the role of helping the community with fixing issues in-game, guiding beginners, and genuinely just being nice to others. The ones who get picked for this role will be able to test changes and bugs before they go live. Players that manage to fit the role will have a special tag in their name. In other words, Elder Guardians are the bridge that allows communication between the community and the developers.

Once you get the role of an Elder Guardian, you will obviously have some rules which you have live by. You must act like a leader of the community and be active across all forums as well as Discord while presenting community concerns and helping with approaching those concerns. Elder Guardians need to actively put effort into talking about new features, issues and bugs, suggestions, forum moderation, and more.

Of course, the role of an Elder Guardian is strictly a volunteer position. So aside from the occasional sneak peak at new features, Elder Guardians do this out of their own good nature, and their appreciation for the game. If you think you’re fit to become one of the Elder Guardians, visit the official announcement for more.


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