Skyforge Announces Largest Expansion Yet

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by Adi

Skyforge is an ordinary free to play MMORPG developed by Allods Team, working together with Obsidian Entertainment. In the game, the players choose what kind of god they want to play. I wrote an article earlier explaining the Divine Forms and Divine Specializations in detail.

Today, Developer Allods Team and publisher have revealed that there is an upcoming huge expansion coming to Skyforge. The expansion focuses on improving and adding systems, adding new features to expand Skyforge, classes, raids and more.

The changes that the upcoming expansion offers are as follows:

Progression Campaign: A new extended progression campaign, where players can earn their access to new Classes, Adventures, and Symbols. More than a hundred new marks on the map, assuring the gameplay to be fresh while improving your character.

Extended Combat Mechanics: The new combat system adds even more complex mechanics making the combat more intense. With this change, players will be able to take weapons and even body parts from the monsters they killed, using them to defeat other enemies.


New Politics System: The Council of Gods has received a completely renewed concept. From this point on, the immortals can choose who the world of Aelion will answer to for a few weeks.

Raid for All Gods: A new challenge for all the players is the new Boss, Tol-Monter the god of Oceanids. This raid is available to those that received their Divine Form.

A brand new class: A new class is also being implemented, The Outlaw, a brave and charismatic hero wielding two guns and explosives.

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