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Skyforge’s Aelion Expecting a Mechanoid Invasion

The Immortals of Skyforge have another challenge coming. This time, it’s mechanoids that are coming for their guts and invading the world of Aelion. It will spell big trouble if this army of robots takes control of the world. Aelion’s only hope is the Immortals, who must band together and fight them off in order to protect their home.

Along with this comes several new adventures and challenges. The new Invasion seasons make Tier 8 equipment available to the Immortals, which can be earned by going on dangerous adventures such as Leunar Swamps, Mare Sacro Monastery, Targo Islands, Operation Isabella. Players can earn these items while also fighting against many different creatures they’ve never faced before.


This isn’t the only task that the citizens of Aelion have to do to stave off the invasion. While protecting your world from doom, players must also raid enemy bases and attacking their generals to create a distraction. The first base available to raid is found in the Mechanoid Base: Secret Occulus distortion.

The Force Field Generator and Helping Hand adventures are also now permanently available. Immortals who complete these adventures can earn epic items from the previous tier. The developers have also decided that starting off today, players will be able to receive one Mechanoid Army pattern per day, so be ready to collect those.

This is the perfect time for those who are looking for an upgrade to their equipment, or to get some free stuff via the new Operation set that has been released. As long as you destroy the mechanoids involved in the invasion and set off on these adventures, you will be able to receive plenty of rewards, from credits to argents. Now get out there and fight those mechanoids before they destroy the world of Aelion. For more information about this invasion, head over to the Skyforge site.

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