Sine Mora EX Arrives On Steam

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It speaks to the nostalgia that the video game industry has that classic video game genres never truly die. Genres that were made famous or popular in the arcade or early console/PC generations haven’t gone away. They’ve either evolved, or, have been put into a modern setting. And that’s cool, because some things are just timeless. Take for example side-scrolling shooter games. What started out as a simple arcade genre became something more. And now, we have modern takes on it like Sine Mora EX, which just released on Steam.

Sine Mora EX is a classic side-scrolling arcade-style shooter, but that’s just the tip of the iceberg. First off, the game has a modern look via HD graphics, and it really makes the world, the ships, and even the attacks pop. But the game also has a deep story mode that’ll have you playing as more than just a “nameless pilot.”

Or, if you want to do more “standard” modes for a side-scrolling shooter, there’s a deep Arcade Mode waiting for you. This mode offers plenty of challenges to test your skills, as well as your ship. Speaking of which, Sine Mora EX gives you over 50 weapons combinations for you to use and test out to see which best suits your playstyle.

Oh, not to mention that time is a gameplay mechanic? It’s true, for some of your weapons can actually alter time, allowing you the chance to truly make the most of the time you have. If that’s not enough, the games soundtrack was done by industry legend Akira Yamaoka, who did the soundtrack to Silent Hill among other titles.

The game has just launched on Steam, and if you get it before August 15th, the game is 20% off.

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