Is the Silver Border a Hindrance to Overwatch Players?

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A group of Overwatch players have recently brought Blizzard’s reward methods into question, based on what is recieved when reaching a high level. In particular, the silver border that is attained for the player’s portrait is being considered by some a poison chalice so to speak, with those bearing it being on the receiving end of abuse from other players.

Portrait borders are shown around the player’s hero whenever you view which players are in the current match. These borders change appearance after 10 levels, and following promotion it changes back to the first border. As for the silver border in question, this is attained by reaching level 601, or gaining the sixth promotion from the start.

However, certain players see the border to be somewhat of a ‘kick me’ sign, receiving backlash from team-mates regardless of their performance in the match. This predicament was highlighted by Blizzard community member Talvi, who began a thread questioning the thanks players get for remaining loyal to the game. Talvi described the silver border as something which “instantly translates into a) having to answer the same damn question every game of why the player has a silver border; b) ridicule about not having a life, being a loser, etc. because a player really enjoys the game and plays it often; c) expectations that all silver border players must be grandmaster and even more harassment if they are not.”

The thread, which can be found here, is backed up by further comments of players feeling unrewarded for their time spent on the game. This isn’t helped by the fact that loot boxes offer duplicates as such high levels, with the likelihood at such a high level being that the majority of items have already been collected by the player. This led to suggestions of a unique skin being gifted to those who reach the heights of the silver border and beyond. Though this would be an acceptable reward, others may argue that hiding a rare skin behind hundreds (potentially thousands) of hours of gameplay is a bad idea, given time restraints for different people.

It does seem that a further reward system is something that could be put in place for those who do manage to reach such a high level, in order to encourage players to keep playing and thank them for their time spent in Overwatch so far. As for getting stick for spending so much time on the game, abuse is something that goes hand in hand with online shooters, as we all know. Players will often seek out a scapegoat to blame or laugh at, so its best to simply shrug it off and enjoy what you are doing.

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