Shroud Of The Avatar Team Talks Forests And Post-Episode Content

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Shroud of the Avatar is an MMO and RPG experience that’s being built by industry veterans, including the creator of Ultima. Their goal is to deliver an experience that capitalizes on both singleplayer and multiplayer content. They plan to do this via episodic releases, all the while making sure that the content itself is robust and has plenty to do. As such, they do weekly updates to give glimpses into what they are doing. A new update has gone up, and it shows not only progress, but what will come after the release of the first episode.

For example, the team notes that they’re beginning to focus on areas and scenes that are considered “lower tier.” But don’t think that means they’re going to be brushed aside after some tweaks, far from it. In fact, they’re completely rebuilding these areas so that they stand out. One of these places is the Longfall Woods. Located in the Longfall region, the team has been working hard to flesh it out and make it stand out. Here’s a screenshot of their progress.

Shroud of the Avatar

But, the team isn’t just looking to the present, they’re looking towards the future. They went heavily into detail about things that are going to be put into Shroud of the Avatar after Episode 1 is released.

For example, there will be all-new land masses and areas for you to explore. Each new episode will have 40+ hours of story content. You can get your own ship and sail it around on the water, as well as battle other ships, and even sea monsters! You’ll even get the chance to be an Elf in the game, should you want to.

And that’s just the start. So, be sure to check out the update to see what else is coming to the game, you might be surprised by what’s in there.

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  1. This game is trash.

    Mr Mr on August 13 | Reply
  2. looking forward to completing the story as soon as the Story Reset Token is implemented, hopefully, next release… I want to start from the very beginning… 😀

    Kabalyero on September 8 | Reply

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