Shroud Of The Avatar Team Gets New Partner

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Sometimes one of the biggest challenges in making video games is getting people to help distribute it to players all over. Yes, there are services like Steam and other venues but sometimes you want more than that. For the team behind the upcoming Shroud of the Avatar, they just got a major partner that’ll help them release their game to more parts of the world, and both sides are thrilled at this prospect.

The partnership is with Travian Games, who is a German-based publisher out of Munich. They’re teaming with the Shroud of the Avatar developer in order to get the game to the Europe, South America, Central America, the Middle East and North African markets.

““We were looking to for the best upcoming MMORPGs in our industry as well as a strong cultural fit, so we are truly excited about the opportunity to work with Richard and the Shroud of the Avatar team on bringing another great game to our community,” notes Lars Janssen, CEO of Travian Games”

Ironically, some of these markets have been huge hits for games like Shroud of the Avatar, including Ultima, which is a title that was made by the head of the SOTA team, Richard “Lord British” Garriott. That’s a big reason for the partnership with Travian. Also, Travian has a history of doing good things within the gaming community, and as such, they feel they’re a perfect partner for this game.

Shroud of the Avatar itself is trying to be something very different in terms of RPGs and MMORPGs. They’re having a story built for an RPG, but encasing it inside the sandbox world of an MMO. You can play by yourself, or you can team up with players to do things, it’s entirely your choice. And with this new partnership outside the game, you might have even more people playing with you.

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