Shroud of the Avatar

Shroud of the Avatar is an RPG that’s wrapped in the world of an MMO. It’s made by Richard “Lord British” Garriott (the creator of Ultima Online) and others who were part of the development of Ultima Online. The game will feature five “episodes” that you can play offline. Then, you can hop online and replay the stories with your friends.

The game will feature advanced combat, classless characters, PVP, a player-driven economy, and more. Since it’s so vast, many updates are being made to show progress on Shroud of the Avatar. The developers recently shared some more news with fans.

It’s been revealed that the city of Kobolds is defended by clockwork beasts, including dogs, cats, and ravens. Don’t let their appearances fool you, though, as these mechanical creatures are able to fight as good as any human. They have razor sharp teeth and claws and are designed to defend the city against any danger put in front of them.

In Release 39, players will be able to use a new gameplay mechanic called Town Blessings. Basically, if you own a player town, you’ll be able to build eleven different Devotionals to the 8 Virtues and 3 Principles present within the town. Town Blessings allows players to receive blessings that can be used at will. What blessing you receive depend on which tribute you place. Be warned, however, that while this will “bless” your town, it will also make it more likely to become under siege.

The development team also went into great depth about how some of the cities and key areas of Shroud of the Avatar were built.

They also talked more about their partnership with hardware brand Origin PC to help bring more people to the game. More updates will be coming for Shroud of the Avatar, so stay tuned!


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