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Shroud Of The Avatar Gives Latest Update

Shroud of the Avatar is an ambitious game that seeks to be one unlike any other. To do this, the game is going to be delivered via episodic content and will feature both a long single player mode as well as loads of multiplayer content. The game is being made by the team behind Ultima, and thus they know when they need to update their players to what is going on, and that’s exactly they what they do.

In Update #219 for the game, the team unveiled a bunch of things, including a behind-the-scenes look at one of the areas of the game that’s being developed right now, Kas Ruins.

The Kas Ruins were once not ruins at all. Rather, they were a full on city that was ruined after the rise of the Obsidian Order. What’s more, there used to be a Paladin fort there, but now it and the city are abandoned. What’s worse, though, is that now the city is completely overrun by the undead.

Interestingly, the team admitted that at first, the ruins were meant to be a clone of another spot in the game, the Opallis Ruins. However, they decided to rebuild the area from the ground up to give it a fresh feel and look.

Kas Ruins Shroud of the Avatar

As with other areas like this in Shroud of the Avatar, the Kas Ruins will be an open PVP area, and they hope you the player will have some exciting battles there. The Kas Ruins is aiming for a release within the next few game updates.

Other updates include: the creation of NPCs for backers who have gained that honor and a recap of the telethon the game had recently. Be sure to check it out in full to ensure you know everything going on in Shroud of the Avatar

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  1. Logging a lot of hours into this game, Usually just loitering around exploring oh and running. Usually lot of running. Game doesnt hold your hand, so party members are quite important early on.

  2. I tried the free trial. No party members. No Global Chat. Dead World.
    Couldn’t even post on forums to find people or ask questions without paying $5. What kind of game charges you $5 to post on their forums? Quit after 4 days. Its not an MMO. Its a solo grinding simulator in tiny instanced zones. Maybe one day it will be better. Today its just insulting.

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