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Shroud Of The Avatar Gives 250th Update

Shroud of the Avatar is an impressive scale RPG/MMORPG that is aiming to appeal to gamers of both camps. There will be a profound and deep story to engage them, but also have numerous singleplayer and multiplayer aspects that’ll keep you entertained no matter what side you fall on. The team, lead by the legendary Lord British, have been updating players constantly with the status of the game, and this week they delivered their 250th update for the title. Here are the highlights from it.

First up, mapping the world. At first, the team behind Shroud of the Avatar wanted to make hand-drawn maps of everything. But as time went on, that wasn’t an option, as it wouldn’t account for everything that happens in the world of the game. Then, a community member made a program that would help make it happen on a different, but appropriate level. So, the team went out to try and acquire the program, and they have officially made an agreement with him. Now, they have the program, and are going to improve it just a little bit before making it fully integrated into the game.

Shroud of the Avatar

The team also regaled readers with their time at SOTA Con in Austin, the first time the event was held there. Multiple people came to listen to the team, have fun, eat food, and even do dances! The event was so successful that the excess funds they made were given to the project so that it can be used to help the game.

Finally, the “Nightmares of New Britannia” contest has gotten an extension. The dress-up contest is now going until October 31st (very fitting). So, if you haven’t had time to dress your character or your property up, you’ll now have plenty of time.

This is just the tip of the iceberg in regards to what was covered in the update, check out the full one to get all the details.

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